"Downtown Dollars" e-Gift Card Program

A New Currency Exclusively for Downtown


Music City has not been spared from the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to take a toll on communities’ health and economic wellbeing. While downtown Nashville works hard to reopen safely, many of us are wondering what we can do to help. "Downtown Dollars" makes it easy for ALL of us to play a role in building a safe and strong Downtown.

"Downtown Dollars" is the first e-gift card redeemable exclusively at participating downtown businesses. Downtown is the heart of Nashville, with 73% of merchants being locally owned. When you shop downtown, you shop local!  



"Downtown Dollars," powered by Yiftee, is a unique collaboration between the Nashville Downtown Partnership, downtown merchants, and generous sponsors.

Thanks to our partner vendors, you can spend "Downtown Dollars" on virtually anything, anywhere in our city's center.

Thanks to our sponsors, "Downtown Dollars" offers BONUS DOLLARS* to help you get back to the downtown Nashville you miss: YOU get a deal and our downtown small business collects full price for their valuable goods or services. It’s a win-win!

For a limited time only beginning SOON: 

  • 50% Bonus: Buy $100 Get $50
  • 30% Bonus: Buy $75 Get $25 
  • 20% Bonus: Buy $50 Get $10

*Bonus Dollars generously provided by our "Downtown Dollars" Corporate Sponsors

How Do I Purchase a "Downtown Dollars" e-Gift Card?

Purchase your e-card online and redeem at any of the participating downtown businesses. To redeem, simply show your e-gift card confirmation on a mobile device or printed on paper at the register.

What are the fees if I purchase a card? Our sponsors are covering all transaction fees for a limited time, so there is no cost to you, the purchaser, at this time!

What’s the expiration date? There is no expiration date on cards you purchase. BONUS DOLLAR e-cards may have an expiration date, as stated in your confirmation email.

When can I purchase my first card? We will launch "Downtown Dollars" soon. You can purchase and spend your Downtown Dollars at any participating vendors on or after that date.

What information do I need to give a "Downtown Dollars" e-Gift Card to someone else? Nothing! You can enter the giftee’s name and email address to send it directly to them to redeem, or you can forward the information to them to use. This is a gift card and no contact information is needed.


Become A Vendor (Downtown Nashville Merchants Only)

Our goal is to get hundreds of businesses in downtown Nashville to accept the "Downtown Dollars" e-Gift Card and allow customers the convenience of shopping, eating and playing exclusively downtown! Becoming a vendor is as easy – it takes 2 minutes to sign up HERE!

CLICK HERE for more information about signing up, redeeming at your register, and FAQs. 

Benefits of accepting the "Downtown Dollars" e-Card:

  • The Nashville Downtown Partnership will market and promote this program and highlight participating locations throughout its robust digital audience (181K on Twitter, 40K on Instagram, 30K on Facebook, 30K email subscribers).
  • There are no transaction fees beyond the regular MasterCard fee you've already negotiated.

Not Sure if You're Located Downtown?

Qualifying neighborhoods include:

  • Capitol View
  • Downtown Core
  • The Gulch
  • Hope Gardens
  • North Capitol
  • North Gulch
  • Rolling Mill Hill
  • Rutledge Hill
  • SoBro

Contact for more information.


CLICK HERE to watch "Downtown Dollars:" A New Tool in the Recovery Toolbox hosted on Thursday, August 6.


Become a Sponsor

The Nashville Downtown Partnership is able to host an incentivized "Downtown Dollars" e-Gift Card program thanks to generous corporate sponsors. Sponsorship offers a robust benefits package, including "Downtown Dollars" e-Gift Cards to distribute to your staff or clients. Through sponsorship, companies are empowering employees to do their part and shop local while providing a direct boost to our downtown economy and neighborhood.

CLICK HERE to see a full menu of sponsor opportunities and benefits.

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